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China-Africa Studies

This is a subproject of the Export Supply Collaborative Research Project. In line with its objective of using the collaborative research modality to address topical policy issues of the day, AERC expanded the scope of the Export Supply Response Capacity Constraints project to shed light on the existing and potential impacts of China and India on SSA.

The objective of the project was to provide a basis for achieving a fuller understanding of the country and sector specific impacts of the relationships, the opportunities and challenges for the development prospects of the African countries, as well as an articulation of the appropriate overall and sector-specific policy measures that individual African countries may wish to take to advance their interests in the light of the impacts experienced and the opportunities and challenges faced.

Membership of Project Coordinating Team

  1. Olu Ajakaiye (Team Leader)
  2. Ademola Oyejide  (Project Coordinator – Trade)
  3. Michael Morris (Project Coordinator - Investment)
  4. Francis Mwega (Project Coordinator – Aid)

The list of the framework papers conducted under this sub-project were:

  1. The Impact of the Asian Drivers on Governance in Africa by Elizabeth Sidiropoulus
  2. Impact of China and India on Politics and Governance in sub Saharan Africa: Issues and Challenges by Melvin Ayogu
  3. Impact of Asian Drivers on Sub-Saharan Africa Agriculture and Food Security: Issues and Challenges by Marios Obwona  and Ephraim Chirwa
  4. The Impact of China and India on Africa: Trade, FDI and the African Manufacturing Sector: Issues and Challenges by Alemayehu Geda
  5. China, India, and African Manufacturing: Framework for Understanding The Impact of Aid and Migration by Dorothy McCormick
  6. Evaluating Asian Drivers Impacts on Sub-Saharan Africa Oil and Gas Industries: A Methodological Framework by Ernest Bamou  and Adenikinju Adeola
  7. Impact of China and India on Sub-Saharan African Metals, Ores and Minerals – Issues and Challenges by Richard Goode and Nehru Pillay
  8. Impact of China and India on SSA Infrastructure Development: Issues and Challenges by Martyn Davies, Sanusha Naidu, and Inyambo Mwanawina
  9. India’s Engagement in Africa: Scope and Significance by Aparajita Biswas*
  10. The Impact of Africa on China by Jing GU and John Humphrey
  11. Impact of China on Economies in East Asian Region by Ji Hong Kim
  12. The impact of China and India on the SSA: A methodological Framework by Raphael Kaplinsky
  13. Impact of China on Sub-Saharan Africa: Opportunities and Challenges by Lu Bo
  14. Flying with the Dragon?  Opportunities and Challenges for the GMS Countries by Mingsarn  Kaosa-ard
  15. Impact of China on Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa by He Wenping.

In view of the relative prominence of China compared to India, it was decided that the first phase of the project would focus on China.  Accordingly, a Call for Proposal for scoping studies to determine the size, structure and significance of Chinese Trade, Investment and Aid was prepared and issued in June 2007.  A total of 21 scoping studies were commissioned. The commissioned 21 scoping studies were to determine the size, structure and significance of Chinese relations with African countries and to provide a reliable basis for the disciplined selection of countries where specific in-depth case studies could be conducted.


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